Our Story

We are a professional wildlife and pest control company. We are experts in the humane removal of nuisance animals such as raccoons, squirrels, opossums, skunks, birds, bats and many more. Our mission is to provide affordable humane services with qualified and experienced technicians throughout Southern Ontario. Our vision is to deliver services that will provide you with 100% guaranteed satisfaction and peace of mind. We are dedicated to ensure that the utmost humane approach to your wildlife problems is implemented. Gotcha Wildlife technicians are trained in humane removal and preventive exclusions that guarantee the problematic animal to leave. Once we confirm that the wildlife animal has left, our specialists will permanently seal the point of entry to your home or business to prevent re-entry.

Our principal mission is to provide an excellent service to all of our clients and take care of the wildlife by applying 100% humane solutions.
Kenneth Gray
Wildlife Specialist


Attention to Details100%
Customer Relations100%
Public Safety and Security100%
Integrity & Responsibility100%


Emergency Services

If you're ever in need an emergency Wildlife Removal Services you can call our number
(647) 461-7632
anytime and we'll have a
techinician on site that day!

Fully Licensed & Insured

Our professional Gotcha Wildlife Team pest control services are experts, qualified and fully insured and licensed.

Customer Service

We provide Excellent customer service to all of our clients for a 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We are dedicated to ensuring the utmost humane approach to your wildlife problems is implemented.

Kenneth J. Gray


I am a professional Wildlife Specialist with more than 15 years of experience in the south Ontario area. Our mission is to provide affordable humane Wildlife Control Services with qualified and experienced technicians.

Clients Say

I left Ken a voicemail a few days ago, he responded that same day and was able to come out and take care of the squirrels nesting in our dormer the very next day. Super friendly, responsive, will definitely call on him again! Thanks Kenneth!


I called and left a message, Ken got back to me quickly. I was about to begin showing my home for sale, and had a squirrel in my ceiling over the dining area. Kens guys showed up the next morning and did what they do best, installed a one way door for the squirrel to leave by. They had to come back once, to double-check where the squirrel was getting in. Happy to say now, squirrel is gone, sold my home!

Sheila R.

During Family day weekend, i called Gotcha Wildlife people, & they confirmed that they will be in the morning hours on Family Day. And, they were right on time & did a superb job. My house attic had 1 or 2 racoons & there was a hole in our shringlers; the team of Kenneth & Peter put a one way door & did metal shielding as well. Since then there is no voice & trouble of racoons. I definitely recommend their services to others.


The boys showed up on time and repaired our roof and the 'peak entrance' problem that the squirrels and raccoons had created. They were quick and explained in detail the problem. Thanks for your help.

Tina & Dannie