Gotcha Wildlife's Raccoon Control Services in Toronto

What you need to know

Raccoons are well adapted to survive in cities among humans. They are attracted to your property by easy sources of food such as improperly secure garbage bins and easy accessibility for shelter to have their young.

The most common areas raccoons are found in and around your home include attics, chimneys, under decks/sheds. They gain entry into these locations through roof vents, plumbing matts, soffits, fascia board, garage and under decks/sheds/porches. Raccoons are very exceptional climbers, they gain access onto your roof via downspouts, tall trees, bushes, fences, and sometimes brick. Reasons to have these nuisance animals removed from homes/businesses are damages caused and potentially transmitting diseases.


Gotcha Wildlife's Toronto based raccoon control services are 100% humane. A technician will thoroughly inspect your property in order to locate the point of entry. Once the area of entry is located a one-way release system will be installed. Thus, humanly allowing the animal(s) to leave but not re-enter. In addition, to prevent future re-entry, other common areas on roof should be secured. Common areas that need to be secured include roof vents, plumbing matts, fascia gap, roof soffit intersections, chimneys, decks, sheds, and porches.

Raccoons are capable of causing major damage to your soffits, eves, and fascia. They can bore a hole in your roof to access the attic, potentially causing further damage due to rain/snow and also contaminate your attic with fecal matter and urine. Raccoons can also chew into house wiring causing a potential fire hazard.

Raccoons will leave urine and fecal matter around all areas travelled. It is also important to remember that raccoons carry parasites and diseases that can affect humans and pets. Some of these include salmonella, giardia lamblia, rickettsia rickettsii, trypanosome cruzi, leptospirosis, rabies, and canine distemper.

We provide affordable and humane wildlife and raccoon removal services in Toronto. With over 10 years of experience, you can rest assured that if you have a raccoon on your property that we will provide the best solution to remove the animal safely.

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